Meandering Technologist

The meandering thoughts and observations of a Technology Engineer.

Updated About

The About page has been updated.  You can peruse it here:

It seems appropriate to lay down the goals of a project before you set out on the project.  The rules for this project are:

  1. To track personal and professional progress as the days/months/years go by.
  2. To share with friends, family and colleagues the mistakes, successes and experience of life.
  3. Document some fun things that found on the internet.
  4. Document the wacky things from the job, if appropriate.
  5. A place for review and introspection.  There is a lot to be said for reviewing what you’re doing.
  6. Whatever is appropriate…

Obviously item 6 allows a lot of leeway as the page grows and develops, that’s life; this project doesn’t have a scripted end.


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