Meandering Technologist

The meandering thoughts and observations of a Technology Engineer.


The Author:

A wandering lover of technology that has found himself somewhere he didn’t imagine, but is oddly happy with.  As the years have gone on, his experience with the bleeding edge of technology has begun to waver and he is left with only tasting a small sample of whatever his RSS feeds leave him.

This will be a capture of his wanderings on the internet, his musings on technology culture, direction and breaking news, and his occasional rant based on client relations.

Here is a general set of missions for the blog:

  1. To track personal and professional progress as the days/months/years go by.
  2. To share with friends, family and colleagues the mistakes, successes and experience of life.
  3. Document some fun things that found on the internet.
  4. Document the wacky things from the job, if appropriate.
  5. A place for review and introspection.  There is a lot to be said for reviewing what you’re doing.
  6. Whatever is appropriate…

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